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Family Rides

4-D Cinema - Yogi Bear 4-D Experience
  • No babies in arms
  • Under 8 years must be accompanied by a responsible person

Now Showing - New for 2018 - Yogi Bear 4-D Experience.

Far more than just a cinema - feel the full force of a 4-D experience.

3-D imagery and special effects of lighting, moving seats, water sprays, air blasts, leg ticklers, smells and bubbles make our film 'Happy Feet 4-D Experience' an unforgettable experience.

The film is shown daily throughout the season. Our cinema is wheelchair friendly.

Big Apple Coaster
  • Minimum Height: 1 metre

The Big Apple Coaster promises high-speed fun for children.

Four passengers sit in each of the caterpillar train's six cars as they rumble round an undulating 138m steel track.

It's the perfect first taste of a rollercoaster for any child.

Before it arrived at the Pleasure Beach in 1998, The Big Apple Coaster, made by Pinfari in 1982, was a favourite at Alton Towers.

  • Minimum Height: 1 metre & 1.25 metres (driver)

Old favourites never go out of fashion. Our dodgems are as popular today as they were when the track was laid in 1968.

The cars have been replaced over the years though!

Each car takes two passengers.

Family Star Spinning Coaster
  • Minimum Height: 1.3 metres

The Spectacular Spinning Coaster 'Family Star' arrived here at the Pleasure Beach in 2013 and has already become one of the most popular rides on the park, spinning thrillseekers into a frenzy of excitement!!

Flying Dumbo
  • Minimum Height: 1.2 metres

Children between 0.9m and 1.2m maybe accompainied by a more mature fare paying person.

The Flying Dumbo holding a maximum of twenty four passengers.  Each of the twelve cars are mounted on articulated armatures connected to a rotating hub. The ride itself rotates at a constant speed.

Fun House
  • No open-toe shoes permitted
  • May ride under this height if accompanied
  • Minimum Height: 1.1 metres

The Fun House is an enclosed dark themed walk through ride with moving floors. For health and safety reasons customers are not allowed to wear open toed shoes on this ride.

Haunted Hotel
  • No babies in arms
  • Must be accompanied if under 0.9 metres

The Haunted House is a classic at any amusement park. Here at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach the Haunted Hotel consists of two passengers riding in a themed car along a track in an enclosed themed haunted hotel. Are you brave enough to visit the Haunted Hotel....

  • May ride under this height if accompanied
  • Minimum Height: 1.25 metres

The monorail has eight four seated cars of which five can be on the track at any one time. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views of the Pleasure Beach as the themed monorail car slowly makes its way round the track, including over and the snaills and through the rollercoaster. The monorail was first seen at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach thirty years ago in 1987.

  • Under 1.2m Must Be Accompanied
  • Minimum Height: 1 metre

The Whirlwind is a figure of eight rollercoaster ride. The train consists of four cars and each car can accomadate up to four people in each car sat back to back. As the train flies round the track the cars spin independently of each other. The Whirlwind arrived at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach in June 2015.