Pleasure Beach in Great Yarmouth


The Pleasure Beach is now closed for this season and will open next season on Saturday 28th March 2020 at 12.00pm.


Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is FREE to enter.
Rides can be paid for with an all-day wristband or pay as you ride with tokens.
Wristbands give unlimited access to 26 rides for the day, right up until closing time.
Wristbands are non-transferable.

Wristband Prices

Prices shown below are gate prices only.
Buy your Wristbands online and SAVE 15% on the price.

MAXI Wristbands (7 yrs +)
£18.50 per person per wristband
£21.50 per person per wristband

MIDI Wristbands (4-6 yrs)
£14.50 per person per wristband
£16.50 per person per wristband

PARENT & TODDLER Wristband Deal (one toddler aged 2-3 yrs + one accompanying adult 14 yrs+)
£24.50 for one parent and one toddler.
£26.50 for one parent and one toddler.

Any younger toddlers wishing to enjoy the rides, subject to safety conditions may ride by purchasing ride tokens providing they are accompanied by a more mature fare paying person.

EVENING Wristbands (available after 5pm from 24th July – 31st August 2019 and selected other dates)
£15.50 per person per wristband
£12.50 per person per wristband
Parent & Toddler
£19.00 for one parent and one toddler.

NEW – Season Passes available for just £80 per person.
Season passes are available to purchase from our Wristband Reception. You can purchase a season pass and use the pass on the same day.

For more information regarding season passes please call 01493 844585 or email

To see whether your intended day of visit is a Peak or Off-Peak day please refer to our opening dates. Wristbands are NOT valid on any coin operated or pay rides.

Ride Token Prices

Ride Tokens can be bought separately or in bulk from our main wristband reception or token machines located around the park. There are no refunds on unused ride tokens, however tokens can be used at a later date.

£1.00 = 1 token
£10.00 = 12 tokens (83p per token)
£20.00 = 25 tokens (80p per token)
£30.00 = 40 tokens (75p per token)

Tokens Per Ride

Opening times vary and can be subject to weather conditions. Please ring for confirmation.
Height restrictions are in force on some rides. Rides are subject to alteration.

Ride NameFare per personRide NameFare per person
Log Flume4 tokensRollercoaster4 Tokens
Disko3 tokensDodgems3 tokens *per car
Family Star3 tokensFun Factory3 tokens
Go - Karts3 tokens *tokens onlyMulan (Caterpillar)3 tokens
Reverse Time3 tokensSky Drop3 tokens
Twister3 tokens
4-D Cinema2 tokensBig Apple2 tokens
Flying Dumbo2 tokensGallopers2 tokens
Haunted Hotel2 tokensMonorail2 tokens
Pirate Ship2 tokensSnails2 tokens
Whirlwind2 tokens
Bonanza1 tokenCups and Saucers1 token
Freefall1 tokenFormula One1 token
Raft Ride1 tokenYo-Yo1 token
Ride NameFare per person
Log Flume4 tokens
Rollercoaster4 Tokens
Disko3 tokens
Dodgems3 tokens *per car
Family Star3 tokens
Fun Factory3 tokens
Go - Karts3 tokens *tokens only
Mulan (Caterpillar)3 tokens
Reverse Time3 tokens
Sky Drop3 tokens
Twister3 tokens
4-D Cinema2 tokens
Big Apple2 tokens
Flying Dumbo2 tokens
Gallopers2 tokens
Haunted Hotel2 tokens
Monorail2 tokens
Pirate Ship2 tokens
Snails2 tokens
Whirlwind2 tokens
Bonanza1 token
Cups and Saucers1 token
Freefall1 token
Formula One1 token
Raft Ride1 token
Yo-Yo1 token