Pleasure Beach in Great Yarmouth


The Pleasure Beach is now closed for the winter season. We would like to thank everyone who visited us this season. We are next open in March 2021 and will announce dates in due course. For all enquiries please telephone us on 01493 844585 or email us at

What to expect

To minimise the spread of Covid-19, we have made some important changes in our operations for the well-being of our staff and customers.

We will be limiting our visitors on the park at any one time. Therefore, we are introducing an online, pre-bookable experience to assist in capacity management.

Due to the latest government rules, please ensure any bookings with more than six people are restricted to one household group only.

On entrance to the park, you will have unlimited access to the rides during the 4-hour time slot you have chosen. Normal ride safety rules apply. A list of rides and restrictions can be found in the rides section.

The following information will help you stay safe throughout your visit to the Pleasure Beach.

General Park Guidance

• Markers will assist households/bubbles to maintain a 2m distance.
• Some areas of the Park will have directional arrows.
• Our PA system will periodically remind customers to maintain distance as well as other relevant information.
• Park Wardens will be available for assistance. Please keep your 2m distance and be respectful of their instructions.
• We ask customers to refrain from touching surfaces unnecessarily i.e. barriers
• Park seating has been positioned to allow safe distance. Only share seating with other members of your household/bubble.
• Uncovered bins are available throughout the park.
• Our staff will wear Personal Protective Equipment where necessary.

Hygiene Matters

• Hand sanitiser will be provided at various stations.
• Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance to all rides and attractions.
• When using Toilet facilities, ensure 2m distance is adhered to and follow the washing hands guidance as displayed.
• If you feel unwell, we ask you to leave the park and follow the latest Stay at Home guidance.
• Follow the latest hygiene regulations.
• Cough or sneeze in crook of elbow.
• Blow your nose in paper towel and dispose of immediately.
• Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds a time.
• We have an enhanced cleaning procedure throughout the park.

Going on rides

• Follow floor markings for queue lines staying together only with household/bubble members.
• Do not join queue lines until a space has become available.
• Avoid touching queue rails whenever possible.
• Await instructions from staff member at ride entrance.
• Apply provided hand sanitizer.
• Some seats will be closed to allow for social distancing.
• Only use adjoining seats with another household/bubble member.
• Ride Operators may need to direct you to specific seats.
• Ride Operators will not be able to assist in customers getting on and off rides.
• At the end of the ride, remain seated until instructed by a Ride Operator.
• On occasions, there may be short delays between rides for sanitizing procedures.
• Ride Operators are fully trained, and their instructions must be followed.

First Aid

• If any of your party develop symptoms of Covid-19 during your visit, please leave the park, stay at home and follow the latest governmental advice.
• When our First Aider is in attendance, they will try to maintain the 2m distance. This could involve talking patients through guidance for self-treatment.
• Personal Protective Equipment will be worn if the reduction of distance is unavoidable.

When your session ends

• At the end of your time slot, a PA system will announce that the rides are now closing.
• Specific gates will be open for you to exit. Deployed staff will give directions to avoid congregation. We kindly request that you exit the park safely and swiftly.
• Please ensure you maintain your distance when leaving the park.

Wishing you an enjoyable visit. We welcome any feedback regarding your visit by contacting