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The Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth -
More fun for everyone

The Pleasure Beach with its mixture of high-octane rides and traditional attractions sits at the top of Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile dominating the seafront skyline with its famous Skydrop.

Spread over nine acres, the Pleasure Beach offers huge family fun, full-throttle white knuckle rides to exhilarate and thrill, water attractions to catch your breath and fun rides to keep the children happy for hours.

Our roller coaster has been the star attraction since 1932 and is still a crowd puller today.

More than 1.1 million visitors enjoyed the Pleasure Beach experience in 2015, confirming our place in the top 10 UK free entry amusement parks.

And even more attractions, rides and innovations are on their way.

New for 2016 season: Great Yarmouth's Elegant Wheel, Max Adventures (4D Cinema Film)

The Pleasure Beach is open every Wednesday (11am - 4pm), Saturday (12pm - 5pm) and Sunday (12pm - 5pm) throughout June. The Pleasure Beach Gardens and the Elegant Wheel will be open every day from 11.00 through out the week. Unfortunately the log flume will be closed for a period of time for refurbishment. We hope to have an update nearer the time of opening.


7th March 2016
In addition to the big wheel this season, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach also have a new film for the…   Read more

2nd March 2016
Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach is pleased to announce that we have accquired a big wheel for the 2016…   Read more
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